2018A new year, a new look and a new determination to make an impact on our world. This time every year most people make resolutions to create positive changes in their lives.  The Attitude Nurse website has followed the same format for 3 ½ years and recognizes that it is time for change.  Although the underlying principle, that attitude is a small factor that makes a big difference, will never change, our look and format will.

Each month will have a consistent theme that relates to life issues that we all must deal with to reach our best selves.  I will offer thoughts and opinions which are by no means the only options for dealing with these life challenges but are perhaps alternative ways of viewing a current situation.  I speak from the perspective of an entrepreneur, a nurse with 46 years of experience, a retired military officer, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a friend.  This may seem a limited perspective, but I believe the lessons and thoughts I will share have a message for everyone on this journey called life.

This month’s focus is on personal growth and change.  We can all find things about ourselves that we want to change for the better, but at times we are unwilling to overcome negative habits, fears and the opinion of others.   We find excuses for not starting a change now and look forward to that ideal moment in time when all forces will converge into the perfect point for maximum success.  Regardless of age and current accomplishments, most people want to reach some place in life where they can say, “I have made it…this is my picture of perfect.”  But, how many of us settle for less than we could have because we are unwilling or afraid to take the necessary action to change?  Sometimes that action consists of deciding on what you want. Or, you may need to adjust your attitude.

“The beauty of your current location should not stop you from continuing the journey to your ultimate destination. Don’t let good enough keep you from your best.”

~The Attitude Nurse

Before you can make a change in your life, you must know that change is possible and that the only thing that holes you back is your attitude.  You need a vision of your future self, the person you want to become or the life you want to live and a reason to make it a reality.  An attitude of “I can, I will, I must” will take you though the roughest of challenges.

“There may be times when you wonder why bother but, regardless of the lack of energy or the inclination to give up, remember the reason that you started the journey.  Keep moving and let the memory of your desire and your vision move you forward. “    

~The Attitude Nurse