The Attitude Nurse’s Inspirational Prescription for Monday

According to an anonymous source, a recent study found that Monday has been voted the least favorite day of the week, 176 years in a row. If you find Monday a challenge to your positive attitude, or you need an extra measure of inspiration to face the day, join The Attitude Nurse for an “Inspirational Prescription for Monday”. You should review Monday’s inspiration as often as needed throughout the day and again Tuesday through Sunday when you need an extra boost. A new prescription will be available for you each Monday. The positive results are cumulative. A major side-effect of your using the Monday prescription consistently is that terminally negative people may begin to avoid you.


Have you decided how this day will look?  You have the power to make it a great day.  Your attitude will make the difference between this being one of your best days ever, or one full of problem projects, problem people and gloomy circumstances. Choose your paintbrush wisely.


What do you believe you can accomplish today?  Decide on what you want, believe that you can do it, and step by step, begin making it a reality.  This day should be an exciting one for you, it’s the first day on a new journey; enjoy the scenery.


There is no better day than this to begin turning your dreams into reality.  Returning to the work week should not be an excuse for giving up on your dreams, or putting them off.  Any time is a good time to make a dream come true.  What small steps can you take today?